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Thebandscore Music Promotion & Services
Gothic VisionsEchozoneGothic, Darkwave, Coldwave, Post Punk
MAIERMGB Records | Vertrieb: Soulfood (G,A), Musikvertrieb (CH), Rock Inc (BENELUX)Singer, Songwriter
Rock AttackFastball MusicRock, Metal
The Uum
Kee MarcelloHard Rock, Blues
Lillith Bells
Manfred Mann`s Earth BandBronze, Island, Warner Bros. (US), Kaz, CohesionProg Rock
T.D.D. (The Dark Demon)
Attaque Surprise
Temptation Club
Bl'ast!SST Records , Southern LordHardcore, Rock, Metal, Punk, Blues, Stoner
Chamber Of EchoesCreators of Everything Lightwave
Dead Man's DreamGothic Rock, Post Punk
Jaded HeartMassacre RecordsMelodic Metal, Hard Rock
Sanna*Star [MusicPromotion]
Böhse Onkelz Fanpage
Böse, gemein und ungezügelt.
Die Siegburger Seite
Mühendis Günlüğü
Radio Black Wings
Schmeißt Dich weg vor lachen:-)
Turan Harekat
Virtual Adepts Cybergoth
Volkes Wille
Traveling GothTival
Klangwelt MusikmagazinEbm,Industrial,Electro,Electronic,Synthpop,Alternative,Rock,Pop,New...
HammerschmittMassacre RecordsMetal
Remove SilenceRock, Alternative, Metal
Subliminal CodeAdvoxya Records [EU], Gravitator Records[RUS]Harsh Ebm, Industrial
Omnibeat Music Group
Dein Roter Faden
Crawling Tunes MagazineGothic
Garaus - Das Magazin
LUCKY BOB Music Management
Music Lights Berlin
Brooke-Lynn Promotion
DM 2.0 Promo/Booking
MOEWE Entertainment
Blue Motion Pictures
Footage Galaxy
Lensflare Clips
Lensflare Panorama
Controlled CollapseMachineriesElectro Industrial
MONO ELECTRONIC DENSITYDDR (Digital Density Records)Electronic, Ebm
NostramusDiamond Seeds ProductionsDrum And Bass, Pagan, Futurist, Electronica, Dub, Step, Breakbeat
reADJUSTKL-Dark-RecordsMelodic Body Electro
Seventh HarmonicOut of Line/UniversalGothic, Neoclassical, Experimental
To AvoidTAMB-MediaOld And Stylish Ebm, Electro
Tracy Chapman OnlineAtlantic RecordsRock, Pop
V2ATrisol Music Group Alternative, Industrial, Electro, Ebm, Goth, Harsh Electro
JNB Media
tonecube studio
Nachtgeist MusikkeineGothic, Ebm, Synthpop, Trance, Techno, Minimal
Frei.Wild FangruppeRookies & KingsDeutschrock
DJ BoBoYes Music / Sony MusicPop, Dance WEBradioMetal, Rock And Other Stuff WEBradioMetal, Rock And Other Stuff
Phillip Boa and the VoodooclubCargo Records / Universal Music (Back Catalogue)Alternative, Indie, Rock, Avantgarde
Random StarlightFuturepop, Synthpop, Dark Electro
VanishFastball Music / SoulfoodMetal, Prog, Rock
!distainechozoneElectro Pop
13Pagan Holiday13Wendigo RecordsRock, Gothic, Punk
2MBKECHOZONEPunk, Rock, Industrial, Experimental, Gothic
44 funRock, Pop, Rock'n'roll
5TimesZeroForm&Formless Echozone Synthie Pop Electro Pop
7th House ProjectHeyband.comElectrowave
:rNoire:Electronica, Rock, Breakbeat
[:SITD:]Infacted RecordingsEbm, Industrial, Electro, Future Pop
[aesthetische]Alfa MatrixElectronic
[de:ad:cibel]ECHOZONEBass Machine Electro
[die!]Echozone / Sony Music , BBE/ALIVE, ZYXGerman Industrial Metal Crossoverl
A Nice VibeCutTheBull/Warner Music GroupPop, Singer, Songwriter
ABIGAIL/BARBATOSABIGAIL/Nuclear War now prod BARBATOS/Hells Headbangers recBlack Metal, Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
AcidcellEchozone (Germany)Industrial Metal, Electronica, Metal
ADACTAElectro, Industrial, E.b.m, Gothic, Club
Adorned BroodMassacre RecordsMetal, Black Metal, Folk Rock
Adrenaline 101STF RecordsRock
Adrian Hates /Diary of Dreams/FaN pAgE/Accession RecordsElectro, Gothic, Darkwave
AGENTREDBEATZAJRHip Hop, House, Pop, R&b, Electro
AggroaphobiaEchozoneElectro, Industrial, Gothic
AgonoizeOut of LineAggrotech, Hellektro
AlbireonCynfeirdd, Old Europa Cafe, Palace of Worms, Final Muzik,TursaNeo Folk, Ambient, Experimental
Alex MustSoundtrack, Epic, Newage, Orchestral, Instrumental, Electronic
Alex StroeerLakeshore Records, Pilan Records, Plott Music, Fruit Tree Records, Melting Popsicle Records, Edm, House, Trip Hop, Industrial, Ebm, Break, Dnb
Alex VeleaHaHaHa ProductionHip Hop, R&b, Pop
Alio DieAmbient, Experimental
All Hallows EveEchozoneNew Wave, Gothic, Indiependent
AlérionsCeltique, Folk, Celtic, Musique, Bal Folk, Festnoz
Amandas Nadel(((echozone))) Deutsche Härte, Deutschrock
AmnistiaScanner / Dark DimensionsBodywave (electro, Ebm, Wave, Darkwave
Ana VidovicClassical Music
Andreas Glaser - Gitarrist, Songwriter, ProducerRock, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Pop, Indie, Funk
Andreas GrossEchozoneGothic Pop Rock Indie
Andreas Uhle
AngelspitBlack Pill Red PillIndustrial, Indie, Cyberpunk
Angelzoom2013 Trick or Treat Records / 2010 Wannsee Records / 2004 Nuclear BlastAmbient Dark Electropop
Angie EbelingMIBASOUND RECORDSDeutscher Schlager, Pop
AnnihilatorUDR Records / Neverland Music Inc.Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
AR12Hard Electro Industrial (hellectro
Arctic SunriseechozonePop, Synth Pop, Electronica
ArdeounsignedPop, Punk, Experimental
Arsine TibeechozoneLounge Noire, Instrumental, New Wave, Pop
ASURA~Unsigned~Melodic Metal
AtmosAtmotech Recordings & Iboga RecordsProgressive Trance, Electronica
Atomic NeonBlack Rain Guest Labels: Plastic Frog/Holy HoursWave, Post Punk, Goth
ATTRITIONTwo Gods, Metropolis, Projekt, Industrial, Experimental, Dark Ambient, Post Punk, Gothic
Audio Gourmet NetlabelAudio Gourmet (, Experimental, Field Recordings, Drone, Acoustic
Aviador DroPIAS - Subterfuge Records - La Fábrica Magnética - Discos Radioactivos OrganizadosElectro Pop
Avoid-A-VoidEchozone / SonySynth Pop, Alternative
Benjamin'sPlague MusicBlind Mice ProductionsMelancholic Electro
Bernward BükerZett RecordsDeutsch Rock, Pop, Kinder
Beta VirusIndustrial, Ebm, Electro
BEYOND CAUSEElectro, Industrial, New Wave, Ebm
BhamBhamHaraProgressive Body Music, Electro, Dark Ambient, Minimal
Billy SheehanAtlantic, Warner, JVC, & IndySongs With Singing, Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz Fusion, Instrumental Rock, Progressive Rock
Binary DivisiondarkTunes Music GroupHarsh Electro, Cyberpunk
BionicEchozone / Bob-Media DistributionElectronic, Industrial, Rock, Alternative
Bitter JoyLight Temple Records, GLArecords, CRmusic.Chaos Metal
BITTERNESS (OFFICIAL)G.U.C.Thrash Metal, Death Metal
Black HeavenTrisol Music GroupGothic, Electro, Rock
BlackForestGreenIndustrial, Noise, Experimental, Gothic, Garage
Blind Before DawnSin-Dicate RecordsEbm, Synthpop
Blinky Blinky ComputerbandBBCom Music / Blinky Blinky Computerband MusicStrange Electro Pop
Bloodsucking MalloryJNB Media RecordsGothic Dark Country Swamp Blues Rock
BlowsightFastball Music (Europe) - Eclipse Records (N. America) - Spiritual Beast (Japan)Rock
Born For BlissECHOZONE http://www.echozone.deAlternative, Psychedelic, Wave
Box TopsBell/Arista/SonyBlue Eyed Soul, R&b, Pop
Broder DanielDolores RecordingsAlternative, Indie, Pop
Broken RightsPunk Rock, Alternative, Rock
C2 & control.orgcontrol freak records, backscatter media, DSBP, force of nature, Hive, MHzIndustrial, Ebm, Experimental, Noise, Powernoise, Disco, Synthpop, House, C2, Rhythmic Industrial
CadabraFonoarteNew Wave, Rock
CAKEBUILDERAd NoiseamBreakcore, Dubstep, Experimental
CALLABeggars BanquetExperimental, Rock
Carnal DecayRISING NEMESIS RECORDS before: Fastbeast Records (SWI, RIP) Sevared Records (USA)Deathmetal Grindcore Hardcore Deathcore
Carrion sunflowerNeo Folk
CC & LEE Official "NY"Lionheart Int.Pop, Rock, Disco, Schlager, Dansband & Mycket Mer
CellhavocXperiment XIIIHarsh Ebm Cyber Metal
Chad FreyFrey Nation RecordsMetal, Punk, Pop
Chaos ResearchNeoclassical Electro Acoustic Dark Wave
Chris WaltherMetal, Rock
Christine Plays ViolaManic DepressionNew Wave, Ambient, Gothic Rock, Darkwave
Circus of Fools-unsigned-Gothic, Melodic Death Metal
Clock DVAIndustrial, Post Punk, Experimental
Club HeltirHappiest Tapes on EarthNoise, Experimental
Coco CammisaR&b, Pop, Soul, House
COLD IN MAYSkyQodeSynth Rock, Dark Rock, Goth Metal
collapsed systemunsigned / past: Machinery Records / Zoth Ommog / NovatekkElectro, Ebm, Electronic
Commando M PiggÖglaNew Wave, Rock
Connection Closedkein LabelSynthpop, Darkwave
ConscienceNewEx-Records, EchozoneElectro Wave Pop
Corporate SoldiersIndieSynthpop, Ebm, Industrial
Cortex DefectDark ACE Records (Austria)Industrial
Cradle of HazedarkSIGN-RECORDSGothic Rock
Crash KidzCK-Records&MediaGarage Rock
Cro-Magscash only recordsHardcore
CrowdNo DealDeathmetal
Cruciform InjectionNegative Gain ProductionsElectronic, Industrial
Cryptic Dawn
Da BorgBOB-MediaAlles
Daniel MassonElectronic, Other
Dark Electronic u. Gothic Band P.K.C.KL-Dark-Records Dark Electro, Ebm, Gothic, Industrial
Dark InsightsElectro, Synthpop, Wave
Dark SinfoniaReverb Worship,Sacred Realm RecordsDark Medieval Folk, Dark Folk For Dark Folk
Das FortlebenEigenvertriebLkr Lyrisch, Kritische Realität Liebevoll, Krank Und Romantisch, In Elektronischem Gewand
Das MittelmaßRock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock
De-TachedRayne Xiia Productions LLCIndustrial Rock, Cold Wave, Electronic Metal
De_Tot_CorUnsignedDark Electro Industrial
Deak FeranceBSC Music / WarnerElectronica, Chill Out, Electropop, Ambient
Death Party UKNightbreed DigitalGothabilly, Swamp Rock, Alternative Rock N Roll
DEATHAUSTBAElectronic . ▲ . Dub
Decorate. Decorate.A:larm MusicRock, Indie, Alternative, Art Rock
DenightEchozoneGothic, Rock, Alternative
Der KlinkeAlternative, Darkwave, Newwave
Der RittmeisterEchozone
Descendants of CainEchozoneRock, Metal, Goth, Ambient, Trip Hop, Prog Rock, Electronic, Neo Classical
DESDEMONAIndustrial, Alternative, Electronic
Devil-MdarkTunes Music GroupIndustrial Rock
DI BAENDPop, Rock, Oldies, Austropop
Diablo Swing OrchestraCandlelight/SensoryRock, Classical, Jazz
Die KruppsSPV / Steamhammer / OblivionIndustrie Musik, Pre Ebm, Ebm, Industrial, Industrial Metal, Metal Machine Music
Die SektorWT2 (North America) and DWA (Europe and Asia)Ebm, Techno, Industrial
DieselhammerIndustrial, Harsh Ebm, Dark Electro
Dion ChristodoulatosInstrumental, Electronic, Film Scores, Metal
DiskarnateGreed (song) - Alfa Matrix / Seven Sorrows (song) - Scentair / Greed (album) IndieProgressive Electropop
DisKonnectedCresent Records, Roja Records, FineGrind Audio, O-Beat EntertainmentElectronic Dance Music
Distorted MemoryDisciples Of The Watch FORMERLY: Noitekk (EU) / COP Int'l (USA) / Gravitator (Russia)Industrial, Dark Electro, Hard Techno
District 13Electronic & Dance Music
DivameeElectro, Rock, Pop
DIVERSANT:13SkyQodeIndustrial, Ebm, Dark Electro
DJ BanjeeLa Ola - MusicParty Musik, Schlager, Dance, Elektro, Alles Was Abgeht Eben
DJ DAGMato MusicProgressive Trance
DJ ExitusDarkwave, Ebm, Gothic, Industrial, Hellectro, Synthpop, Futurepop, Dark Electro, Deathrock, Batcave
DJ SoundwaveHard Trance, Hard Dance, Hardstyle, Industrial, Noise, Anything Hard And Dark
Dope Stars Inc.Array
Dorit ChryslerIn My Room, Plag Dich Nicht, Monika EnterpriseElectronic, Experimental, Pop
Drowning SusanStatic Cat - IndependentDarkwave Meets Electro Goth... Industrial, Electro Pop
DudelzwergeYanishar RecordsMedival Rock, Mittelalter, Rock
Dulce LiquidoOut Of Line Music/Metropolis RecordsIndustrial, Hellektro, Aggrotech
DYMDeathwatch Asia (Japan), Vendetta (North America), (formerly Noitekk) Industrial, Electronic, Punch You In The Face Core
Dynamic SyndicateEchozoneElectro Break Rock
Dynastieroaring disc records http://www.roaringdisc.comElektro Pop, Wave & Ebm
E-CRAFTInfacted Recordings (germany/europe); Vendetta Music (north america)Electro Industrial, Ebm, Industrial
Eberhard KlunkerMons RecordsModern Acoustic Guitar
EhrenfeldI Am Surprised RecordsDark Wave, Gothic, Alternative, Indie, Wave
Eisbrecher ItaliaRock, Gothic, Elektro, Neue Deutsche Härte
Eisenstein & Der ZarDark Pop, Alternative, Industrial, Electro
EisenwutTrisol Music GroupRussian Military Industrial
ElafynohEchozoneIndustrial, Ambient, Gothic, Wave, Indie, Alternative
Elafynoh vs. Projekt Ich
Electric WizardRise AboveDoom Metal
ELI VAN PIKEdarkSIGN-RECORDSIndustrial Metal, Gothic Metal
ElisMetal, Rock, Gothic
Elisabeth PoppMusic Kickup RecordsAmbient, Celtic, Folklore
Ella JoDiamond SeedsEverything
Elmo SexwhistleUnsignedProg Rock, Industrial, Chiptune, Electronica, Psychedelic Metal
Emilia Noir officialSchwarzfederMetal, Crossover, Akustik Rap Mystic, Doom
ERATOErato-FbTAlternative, Gothic Rock, New Wave
Erotic ElkMajor RecordsElectronica
Error Enter Exit Dark Wave
Erwin FlynnNew Wave, Industrial, Post Punk
Etolie VipeEurodance, Italo Disco, Synthpop, Hi Nrg
Everything Goes ColdMetropolis RecordsIndustrial
evo-lutionSONIC-XFuturepop, Electro, Ebm
EwianRebeat Digital Timezone RecordsIndie, Post Rock
Exit StrategyCrysella Records: Zorch Factory Records Sombrati Records www.facebExit Strategy
Falco (Johann Hölzel)New Wave, Pop, Sympho Pop, Rock, Rap
Fanclub Angie EbelingMIBASOUND RECORDSPop
FatcapBaumi-Records Studio, Crossover, Hardcore, Punk, Kick Ass Rock' N Roll
Fear ConditionSmash recordsPost Punk, Gothic Rock
FeuerseeleEchozoneRock, Metal
Fiction 8Electronic, New Wave, Synthpop
Fla Vector + Tribal A.D.Breakbeat, Industrial, Noise, Breaks
Flavor FlavHip Hop, Rock
Florian GreyEchozone / BOB Media LicensingSymphonic Dark Rock, Pop
FolkNoirFolk, Country Folk, Ambient, Post Rock, Singer Songwriter
Forma TadreElectro, Industrial, Electronica, Alternative
FORTY FINGERSPop, Rock, Country, Blues, Unplugged
FOXSony Music SwitzerlandHard Rock, Rock, Heavy Metal
FOX - Dirty Rock n\' RollSony MusicRock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
FRANK GIVENNeo Folk, Acoustic, Elettronica, Ambient
Frank Schindelfreier KünstlerAnime, Pop, Soul, Rock
FRANK TOVEYMuteNew Wave, Post Punk, Electronic
Frank WeyzigEchozone, Turmoil MusicAlternative, Indie, Psychedelic
FRANZ K.Fastball MusicDeutschrock
Friday Night HeroCapitol East Road RecordsIndie, Rock, Pop
Frontal BoundaryWTII RecordsMetal, Electronic, Rock
FUNDETTAECHOZONEAvantgarde – Tendierend Zum Elektronischen Light Metal Via Keytar – Mit Darkpunk, Und Oldschool Industrial Einflüssen
G.I.E.Z.KeineElectro, Gothic
Genetic DisorderEchozoneIndustrial, Electro, Techno
Geometric VisionSwiss Dark Nights Records (Cd/Digital) ( Manic Depression (Vinyl) (www.manicdepressionrecoPost Punk, Darkwave, Dreamwave, Electro
George Rasoulis Artist PageMad hat MusicPop Rock
Good TonesUnsignedFolk, Rock, Country, Classic Rock
GOOFERMANDirtyVolt RecordsRock, Funk, Alternative, Punk, Breakbeat, Klown Fi, Electro
GRANDCHAOSEKProduct (I), Ebm, Electro Body Music, Oldschool
GUN BARRELMassacre RecordsRock Resolute German Rock That Is Difficult To Beat
Guttural EngorgementRottrevore RecordsDeath Metal, Metal, Grind Core
Hagen von Bergen/Hargest DarkenBI - ZA RECORDSAmbient, Dark Ambient, Elektronik, Industrial, Experimental, Psychedelic, Hunsbuggelteschno
HandgepäckDeutsch Pop
Hardwired: SeppukuIndustrial, Ebm, Synthpop
He Said, She's DeadPost Hardcore, Metalcore, Rock, Alternative
Heat From a DeadStarACE OF HEARTS RECORDSRock, Indie, Alternative
hellrideFastball MusicHeavy Metal
Helmuth Kasper FanpageSchlager, Pop
HemesathHarter Deutscher Rock
Herr_BrandtPost Punk
HerzparasitEchozone/Soul FoodDeutscher Herz Industrialmetal
Hurts IsraelPop, Electronic, Synthpop
Ian GillanHard Rock, Heavy Metal
IioioioiiAnalogueTrashIndustrial Synthpop
ImmermehrDeutschsprachiger Ground And Pound Metal
ImperietMistlur / BAM / Mnw Rock, Punk
IN MITRA MEDUSA INRISpirit Records Apollyon Record Roaring Disc Records Danse Macabre RecordsIndependent
In ProgressBigrockinbeat, Bigbeat, Chemicalbeats, Break Beat, Electronic
Inner CoreSymphonic Metal, Hard Rock
INOPARTNERSLothlorienRock, Reggae, Funk, Electro, Punk
Into The AbyssCyberdelia RecordsGothic, Space, Progressive Rock, Psychedelia, World
Invasion Of Female LogicElectro ArcEbm Dark Wave Electronic Pop Retro Oder So
Italian Post Punk/Indie BandsPost Punk New Wave Electrowave Indie And More
Ivories_ItalyMinimal FrenzyNew Wave, Post Punk, Art Punk.. And Beyond
James HetfieldWarner Bros., Elektra, MegaforceThrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Jeff Green (Official)F2 Records (Festival Music)Progressive Rock, Prog Rock
Jimmy MartinAloudmusic/ FastballRock
Joe CompagnaRock, Jazz, Fusion, Progressive
Joe SilvaPlanula Records - New York CityAdult Contemporary, Rock, Folk, Pop
Joerg AllenbachEchozone Elektronische Musik Synthiepop Synth Pop Instrumental
John 3:16 (Drone/Electronics/Noise)Alrealon MusiqueAmbient, Drone, Industrial, Cold Wave
John GazooLe Cirque MusicDeephouse, Jazz, Electronica, Nu Disco, Funk
John von AhlenSubterrane RecordsElectronic, Alternative, Pop
JunksistaCold School Body Music, Alternative, Industrial
Jupiter CrashCrashRevolution RecordsRock, Alternative, Post Punk
JännerweinRainbergVerlagFolk, Neofolk
KALTGothic Rock
Kent & ParkerStill Cookin' Records, Fadersport, Synergy RecordingsProgressive, Minimal, Techno
Kill SyndicateRecord Labels; please contact : Management /Booking Worldwide: Killshot Mgmt (Europe) management@killshotpMetal, Death Metal, Hardcore, Metalcore
Kinetic KrewKinetic RecordsFilm And Tv, Traditional Scottish Folk
Kirk BrandonThe Eastersnow Recording CompanyPost Punk, Alternative Rock
KlangwaldDeeson RecordingsDowntempo, Lounge & Chillout Music
KneipenterroristenRude Records / Remedy RecordsDeutschrock, Heavy Metal Mit Deutschen Texten
KontaminantSin-Dicate (own label)Synthpop, Futurepop, Ebm, Industrial
KrankheitDark, Metal
Kristina BachPopschlager
Kult Of Red PyramidPyramid Human Electronic
LAKEMad As Hell ProductionsRock Pop
Last JulyDark Creation RecordsDark Electronic, Goth
Legende GothPost Punk, Deathrock, Gothic Rock, Cold Wave, Minimal, Dark Ritual
LeichenwetterEchozoneGothic Metal
LESIËMGermany - © Monopol Records, 1999, 2004 Russia - TME/Pravitel'stvo Zvuka, 2002 USA - Alcione, 2001; IntentCity, 2002 Korea - FMCRock, Pop, Electronica, New Age, Enigmatic And Ambient Music
LeverageMelodic Metal
LindstrømFeedelityHouse, Electro, Minimal
Liquid GreyECHOZONEGoth
LisaBeunsignedElectro, Post Punk, Rock, Industrial, Techno, Experimental
LoewenhertzECHOZONESynth Pop, Electro Pop, Indie
Lost Signal23dB RecordsElectronic, Ebm, Industrial, Nonsense
Lotus FeedManic Depression Records www.manicdepressionrecords.comPost Punk, Alternative, Rock
lowfieldRecordjet, Echozone, TimezoneIndierock, Pop
Luna ReignShadow Scream Records / Palace Records / DistoKid.comGothic Rock, Metal, Dark Wave
LUTHERIONTrisol Music GroupAmbient, Gothic, Industrial
M. W. WildEchozoneGothic Rock, Dark Rock, Hard Rock
MactätusNapalm Records(Last Record label)Black Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal
MaCuInner Cinema, Isolationismrecords, Classwar Karaoke, Somehow Recordings, VJG, Kopp, Limitless AudioDark Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Noise, Minimal, Isolationism
MACYVertrieb: Nation MusicPop
MAD REDRock, Pop, Funk
Madame B meets Guilty StrangersZorch Factory RecordsExperimental, Post Punk, Batcave, Nowave
Makis Tselentis - OfficialRock, Jazz, Blues, And Others
MaLoYIndependentPop, Dance
MantusTrisol Music Group GmbHGothic, Metal, Rock
Maria Brink ObsessionRock, Metal, Alternative
Mario Bocks & BandsSunbox Rec., Soon to be Rare Rec., Politur Records, Rose Club Rec.Indie Rock, Alternative, Punk, Psychedelic
Mark Harris / Musicn5MD, Enpeg, Hibernate, AudioBulbAmbient, Electronic, Contemporary Classical
Mark HusseySolo Classical, Crossover And Contemporary Guitarist. Composer Arranger And Music Enthusiast
Marta JandováRock, Pop
Mary Goes RoundMaryls - Lively Art - New Rose - Infrastition - FatalObjectPop, Rock, New Wave, Post Punk
Masao TonariBanana SongsElectronica, Ambient, Down Tempo, Rock
Masao TonariBanana SongsElectronica, Ambient, Down Tempo, Rock
MASSIVE EGOOut Of Line Records Newromantic Darkwave Electrogothic Pop Industrial Hybrid
Matthew James BellamyHelium 3, Warner Bros. Records, Mushroom Records, Taste MediaAlternative Rock, Progressive Rock, New Progressive, Pop
MAXXWELLFASTBALL MUSIC / Sony Music DHardrock, Metal
MayzeEmotional Progressive Metalrock
Michael & the WolfhoundsFolk Rock
Michael Lee FirkinsRock, Blues, Classic Rock
Midian DiteIndustrial, Electro, Metal
MillsKL-Dark-Records www.kl-dark-records.deAlternative, Underground, Gothic, Electro
MindstripEchozoneAlternative, Pop, Electro, Synthpop
MinerveEchozone / Sony Music (Europe) / Gravitator Records (Russia)Electronic Pop
Miraz MusikMiraz MusikNew Age, Ambient, World, Cinematic
MirrorplainFastball MusicIndependent Hardrock
Mission ZanzibarEchozoneAlternative Rock, Electronica, Classical Electro
MonodyRemote MusicSynthpop, Industrial, Electronic
Monokromfich-art & antzenIndustrial, Other, Pop
MoonriseechozoneAlternative Wave Rock
MorgensternAnt-ZenIndustrial, Power Noise, Ambient
Morlas MemoriaMorlas Memoria GbRMetal, Rock
MorlocksEchozoneIndustrial, Gothic, Avantgarde
Mutate NowTunecorePunk Science
My Love KillsSynthpop Futurepop Electro Pop
My Own SorrowHorror Industrial, Dark Electro, Occult Ambient
MystigmaEchozone ab 2016 Timezone-Records www.timezone-records.comDark Rock, Gothic Rock, Metal
NahtaivelWave RecordsIndustrial, Ebm, Dark Electro
Naked LunchSub Culture RecordsElectronic, Gothic, Dark Dance
Nano InfectAdvoxya RecordsHellektro
Narcotic ElementsdarkSIGN-RECORDSDark Trance, Darkwave, Industrial Trance
Navicon Torture TechnologiesANNIHILVS, MALIGNANT RECORDS, NCC RECORDSIndustrial, Experimental, Ambient
Ned Branchi MusicYes Please!@!!Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative, Post Punk, Folk, Blues & World Traditional Music
NervenbeisserDanse MacabreGothic, Ndh, Ebm
Neuro-SentenceXperiment XIIIBloodwave, Goth, Necro Electro, Industrial
NeuroactiveA Different DrumSynth Pop, Electro, Dance
Nick HellfortSonic Revolution / Fastball MusicMetal, Progressive, Weil ‘trralalaa‘ Gibbs In Rrradio
NightwishNuclear Blast Ent. (NA) / Nuclear Blast Rec. (EU) Are you a retailer interested in buying titles from this band? For North+SouMetal, Rock
Nijinsky Style
Nik PageWannsee RecordsSynthi Pop, Gothic Rock
NO MORERent A DogPost Punk, Electronica, Pop
NOBODY WAS THEREPostpunk, Newwave, Coldwave, Sythwave, Experimental
nocommentechozoneElectro Pop
NordlichtInfos Comming Soon!Electro, House
Northern SadnessECHOZONEDark Electro, New Wave
NOVA-SPESDANSE MACABRESynthiepop, Futurepop, Ebm
Noyce(TM)focile art tribeHeadpop
Obsidian FXIndieDark Electronic, Glitch, Idm
OBSKURAMetal, So Wie Er Sich Gehört ! Thrash´n Death
Official Metallspürhunde Support (Fansite)Danse Macabre RecordsRetro Independent Pop, Electro Rock, Industrial, Ebm
One DiceDarkwave, Gothic, Neoclassical, Orchestral, Electronic, Dark Electro
One Eye WandersE.A.R.Industrial, Experimental, Idm
Orange Sugar CubesPop, Rock, Soul, House, Funk
Organon ContemporaneousContemporary Classical, Experimental, Electroacoustic & Avant Garde Music
Ostin TorreUnsignedElectro Rock Pop
Out of SphereSynthpop, Gothic, Wave
OverUnityEbm Electro Industrial Dark Ambient
P.K.C.KL-Dark-RecordsEbm, Dark Electro, Gothic, Industrial
Pandemik9UnsignedMelodic Heavy Industrial
PandiqueEchozone RecordsElectro Pop
paranoidAnimalized/SPV, Machinery/Rough Trade Infacted Recordings/InfrarotEbm, Industrial, Dark Wave, Electro, Future Pop
Paranoid AndroidEchozoneFuture New Wave
Parasite Of GodXperiment XIII
ParmesanFastball MusicDeutschrock
PATAN - ARGENTINAIcarus Music Heavy Metal, Rock
PERMA FPerma F MusicElectronic Rock
PestilenziaunsignedAlternative, Folk, Gothic
PheromoneSyndicol MusicIndustrial Rock, Electronic, Glitch
Pianist Jens GörnerJazz, Blues, Pop, Soul, Swing
PilomotorSonic Revolution / Musikvertrieb AGIndie, Rock, Pop
PIXSIDPIXSIDTrip Hop, Acid Jazz, Lounge, Electronic
Place4TearsEchozone /tyves oben recordsGothic, Dark Wave, Shoegaze, Ambient (cold Heavenly Goth
Pleasure GardenUnsignedEthereal Wave, Shoegaze, Dreampop, Darkwave, Alternative
PleasureagonyFastball MusicModern Thrash Metal
PlexiphonesBig Sky Song Records - LondonElectro Rock
POS.:2Echozone/Sonic RevolutionElectropop ; Synthiepop
Pouppée FabrikkAlfa MatrixEbm
ProgrammistEchozoneIndustrial, Electro, Gothic, Krimskrams
Projekt IchEchozoneRock, Punk, Gothic, Experimental, Dark Ambient, Soundscapes
Projekt PKolibri StudiosDeutsch Rock, Pop
Projekt SoundMietzenBooking: ab@hitpod.deClub Dj`s
Promised EdenElectro, Synthiepop
Psy'AviahAlfa MatrixSynthpop, Triphop, Electropop, Electrorock, Electroclash, Electro, Industrial, Alternative, Crossover, Pop, Goth, Rock, Techno, Dance
PTIWTII RecordsElectronic, Industrial, Ebm, Dance
Puppet LaneHome studioPost Punk, Indie, Gothic Rock
Rabbit at WarDanse MacabreElectro, Industrial, Darkwave, Ebm, Gothic
Radio DCSafmusicDark Wave, Rock, Pop
Ramon FrancoR+F MusicPop, Schlager, Italo Pop
Rancor ProjectPoolOfSinElectro, Gothic, Darkwave
Razed In BlackCleopatra Records (formerly)Industrial, Trance, Gothic, Electronica
Reactive BlackEchozoneGoth, Rock, Metal
Reactor7xAdvoxya Records Dark Electro, Electro Industrial
Real ExpertsBlack Towers RecordsElectronic, Pop, Dance, Indie
RED STORMEchozone / Soulfood Alternative Electro Rock
RefugeDr. Bones (Soulfood)Metal
REGENERATORAlfa Matrix, Archetype Multimedia, WTII RecordsIndustrial, Electronic, Alternative
Rescue MissionLunarSoundDesign RecordsPost Punk, Shoegaze, Alternative, Pop, Rock
Rhys O'Connorroaring disc recordsFolk, Singer Songwriter, Rock, Indie, Pop
Rick Risi
Rita HeyunsignedCountry, Indie, Folk, Traurigschöne Lieder
Robbee MarianoPop, Funk, Soul
RobeoneTBAJazz, Blues, Rock, New Age
ROBOTONkein LabelEbm, Electro, Minimal
RoderikLarp, Mittelalter, Folk, Acoustic, Geklampfe
Root4Darkelectro, Ebm
Rotten Sculpture~unsigned~Old School (swedish) Death Metal
ROUGH SILK - a new beginning !!!Rebellion-RecordsProgressive Oi, Pop .....or Simply Just A Rockband
RÄUBERAriola Colonia / Sony Music GermanyKölsch, Pop, Rock, Karneval
Sana ObruentIndie.Ambient, Dark Ambient, Ghost
SarbandDeutsche Grammophon, JARO, Signum, Dorian,Teldec, BMG, The Muse AllianceClassical, Early Music, Worldmusic, Oriental Music, Contemporary Music
SarcophagicXperiment XIIIBlackened Industrial Metal
Scar 21Electro Music
Scarless ArmsDark) Ambient, Ominous Silky Smooth Sountrackish Music
ScarpointSupernova RecordsMetal, Death Metal, Hardcore
ScarpointSupernova RecordsMetal, Death Metal, Hardcore
SCHANDPFAHLdarkSIGN-RECORDSIndustrial Rock, Gothic Rock, Darkwave
SchattenlustSchattenlust Musik / WOMElectro Pop Melancholy, Deutsch Pop, Alternative
SchattenwerkMelancholie Der Neuen Deutschen Härte
SchlagwetterNdh Rock
SchwarzschildEchozoneSynth Pop, Future Pop, Goth Pop, Industrial
Science O.C.N.Echozone/area dbAmbient, Electronic
SCIVIASExperimental, Neofolk
SennenAlternative, Ambient, Indie
Sensory GateMegahertz RecordsElectro, Pop, Rock
SerenadeRevalve RecordsHeavy Symphonic Metal
Shiv-rBlind Mice ProductionsIndustrial
Shock TherapyI am Surprised Records (Dossier / A.M. Music / Fundamental / Hungry Moon)Electro Rock, Dark Wave, Gothic, Industrial
ShrikeZeitgräber RecordsMetal, Black Metal
Simulakrum LabElectronic, Synthpop, Electroclash, Electropop
Sinister DeviceAlternative, Dark Electro, Industrial
Six Comm
Six Times ZeroEchozone
Sixth Comm
SkywaveShoegaze, Post Punk, Noise
Sombre PrintempsOUT OF LINEElectronic, Ambient & Film Music
Sorrowful AngelsROAR! Rock of Angels RecordsDark Melodic Metal
SoulmaticSonic RevolutionBlues Rock
Sounds Like WinterPost Punk, Goth, Darkwave
Spear of Destiny-Theatre of HatePost Punk, Rock
Spielleute SkadefrydFa. Audiobox-StudiosMittelalterliche Marktmusik
StahlmannAFM Ndh, Industrial, Metal, Gothic
STAHLSCHLAGSYNTH-MERhythm 'n' Noise, Industrial
StarbloodunsignedShoegaze, Dreampop, Post Punk
Stargazing ProjectECHOZONEAlternative, Downtempo, Other
Steve LynchHeavy Metal, Glammetal, Metal
Steve StevensRock, Hard Rock, Glam Metal, New Wave, Post Punk, Electronica, Blues Rock, Progressive Rock, Instrumental Rock, Jazz Fusion, Tribal House, Goa Trance, Flamenco
Still Patient?Hyperium, Schwarzrock, Alice In...Gothic Rock, Dark Rock
Stratos EolosMIBASOUND RECORDSSchlager, Pop
StrigoiEchozoneDark Gothic Ambient Industrial
SturtzfrequenzEbm, Electro, Industrial
Sublustris NoxatticDark Ambient, New Age
Svart1Skullline, Valsesinistre, Mask of the Slave, Mrtavaja, Industrial Culture, TGPAmbient, Techno, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Ritual Dark Ambient
Sweet ErmengardeÉquinoxe RecordsGothic Rock
SyriaBlack October-RecordsAlternative, Electro, Experimental
System 84KL-Dark-RecordsEbm
SündenrauschGothic Pop Metal
TapewyrmSelf-releasedRhythmic Noise, Industrial
TelltaleExperimental, Post Punk, Shoegaze
TERRORFAKTMetropolis Records & Industrial Strength RecordsIndustrial, Noise, Experimental
Teufelsliebe Kunst und Medien ProduktionDeutschrock
The 11th HourNapalm RecordsDoom Metal
The Angina PectorisSPV GmbH / KM-MusikGothic
The Crystalline EffectAdvoxya RecordsEbm, Trip Hop, Electro
The Dark TenorTrick or Treat Records under exclusive license to Polydor/Island a division of Universal Music GmbHClassical Crossover
The Deep EyndeBomp! Recrods / Apollyon Recordings / People Like You RecordsRock, Gothic, Darkwave, Punk
The EpicReal Life EntertainmentRap, Hip Hop, R&b
The EscapeDark Wave And Gothic Rock
The Exploding BoyDrakkar Entertainment GmbH / Ad Inexplorata / Booking agency: Neuwerk Music ManagementIndie, Post Punk
THE FAIR SEXEndless Records | OurChoice/Rough Trade | Last ChanceDark Wave, Gothic, Ebm, Electro, 80ies, Industrial
The FallacyAttic Records - Dark Media Group (Russia)Gothic Dark Rock
The Foreign ResortPost Punk, New Wave
The Hare And The MoonReverb Worship/Haute MagieFolk, Psychedelia, Experimental
The House Of UsherÉquinoxe RecordsGothic Rock
The InsightUnsigned and INdependant Post Punk
The JadeNorth & SouthRock´n´roll, Punk, Pop
The LadderAnonymous records []Post Punk, Electronic
The Last CryPost Punk, Darkwave, Alternative, Gothic, Rock
The Mist Of AvalonEchozoneRock Alternative Gothic Wave Dark
The Panic The Vomit~unsigned~Progressive Pop
The Psychic ForceKM Musik , Alfa MatrixEbm
The Ratcave - Party/ ConcertsPostpunk, New Wave, Deathrock, Punkrock, Ndw, Minimalwave
The Sandra Good BandNoneClassic Rock, Current Pop, Country Rock
The Ski Mask BoyzGoth Rave Records, LLC.Harsh, Industrial Aggrotech, Ebm, Rock, Industrial Terror Techno, Martial Industrial And Cyber Gothic
The Stand-InsPop, Electronica, Hip Hop
The synthetic dream foundationmythical recordsNeoclassical Ebm Industrial Psytrance Idm
The Time BombRock, Blues, Comedy, Punk
The VoyagePop, Jazz, Musical
The Xiia ProcessDark Electronic Music
Theatre Of HatePost Punk, Gothic Rock
Theo's Tonartikultur Pop Songwriter
ThermostaticWonderland RecordsElectro, Pop
Third RealmDistortion Productions, Dark Wave, Electro Industrial
This Morn\' Ominaant-zen, spectreTribal
Thorsten EdarkSIGNmusic
Tides of LifeInvincible Spirit Media (Album "Two Souls")Dark Electro, Classic Electro, Chill Out Electro, Ambiente
TildePop, Soul
Tokyo Blade featuring Nicolaj RuhnowFastball MusicMetal, Rock
Toni ReddReal Redd MusicR&b, Soul, Jazz
Total Pain KollapzZombie Ebm
Tracing Arcs23 seconds netlabel , iD.eology netlabel,Dusted Wax Kingdom & MixedMode netlabelsDowntempo, Electronica, Triphop, Ambient, Nujazz
Tragic ImpulseDistortion Productions (, Ebm, Dark Wave
Transilvanian GalaxiSynth, Electro, Bauhouse, Steady Funk
TraumatizeUnsignedDark Electro, Aggrotech
Trio FogataGipsy, Spanish, Latin, Rumba, Pop
TrspssngSkapunk Bis Alternative Rock
TränenweltenEchozoneDark Wave, Ebm, Electro Industrial
TrümmertiefenGothic Rock Dark Wave Elektro
Tunes Of Dawnthexoomo.chRock Alternative Indie
TwinmachineUnsignedPost Punk, Alternative, Gothic
Twisted DestinyMibasound RecordsElektro Mit Würze
Tzolk'inAnt-Zen, Divine Comedy Industrial, Ambient, Experimental, Tribal
UK DecayPlastic Records, Fresh Records, UK Decay Records, Chorpus Christie Records, Yak RecordsPost Punk, Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Gothic, Avante Garde
UNRULEDSchizophrenic RecordsHardcore, Punk Rock
UNzensiertUN RecordsRock, Punk, Hard Rock
VARG(distribusjon) normann recordsRock, Punk, Metal
VaselyneEchozoneAlternative, Dark Wave, Ambient
Vasil HadžimanovMoonJune Records, OverJazz Records, PGP RTS, Skopje Jazz Festival, ZmexJazz, Fusion, Progressive
Vindicarecurrently unsigned Psytrance & Dark Trance
Vital RemainsDeath Metal, Black Metal, Métal
Vitam VenturiAreaDBGregorian, Gothic, Medieval
Von MeiwesGothic Ebm Industrial Psycho
Vril-OrdenArisk Star Company Ltd.Rock, Experimental, Noise, Ambien
VV303Freelance ,signed to multiple labels.Industrial, Classic, Ambient, Ebm, Darkwave, Techno, Darkelectro, Futurepop
Warren ZevonWhite Whale, Imperial, Asylum, Virgin, Giant, Artemis RecordsRock, Pop Rock, Hard Rock
We Show Up On RadaRHello Thor Folk, Experimental, Pop
Wir Lieben MusikAlles Außer Rechtsradikale Musik
WizrabanFolkstep, Dubstep, Drumstep, Folktronica, 2 Step, Folk, Mittelalter, Medieval, Mittelaltermusik, Instrumental, Dudelsack, Drehleier, Bagpipe, Hurdy Gurdy
X-O-PlanetDanse Macabre Headoffice und Studio An der Wublitz 27 14542 Werder / Leest kontakt[ÄT]dansemacabre[PKT]deFuturepop, Synthpop, Electronica
XanimaFreeside records, published by Sony/ATV Scand. Progressive Rock, Artrock, Fantasy Rock
XTR HUMANno emb blancBrutal, Dystopian, Punk
Yesterday ShopListenRecords
You Destroy HerDark Creation Records
Zellberg BuamMCPVolksmusik
ZyniCSynthpop, New Wave, Electro
Rock N MetalRock,Metal,Heavy Metal,Gothic,Gothic Metal,Alternative,Dark...
Snab1986 On Air
AccessoryOUT OF LINE MUSICEbm, Industrial, Electro
BAND & JAMBlues, Rock, Funk, Soul
Chris BernhardtKontor New Media, SLC REC, BMG, Arabella Publ,Tiger Rec., Spinning , Blow Up , Zyx Music , CBS, etcEbm, Synth Pop, Electro, House, Dance, Pop, Music
MARQUEE MOONIndieDarkwave, Gothicrock, Newwave
That Petrol EmotionPink/Noiseanoise/Demon/Polydor/Virgin/KoogatIndie, Pop, Rock
TriskilianunsignedMittelalter, Folk, Weltmusik, Ethno, Transmedieval Beatz
NOSW with Ulf Mueller
In Good FaithEchozoneElectro, Synth, Pop - media production, Matthias Ernst - media production, Matthias Ernst HolzmannClassical, Opera, Jazz, Pop, Latin
Movie TV App
Eldorado-PromotionEvent Promotion, Internet, Promotion, Tour Promotion, Konzertfotografie, Fotoshooting
The cage - audio production and mastering studiosTwo Gods recordings
djane hexe
Thilo Brandenburger
AgF-RadioRock,Metal,Deutschrock,Punkrock,Punk,Oi,100% Vollgas Rock´n´roll,Punk...
AreaDB Radio
Bear Metal Radio
CIA SpecialforcesIndustrial,Electro,Rock,Metal,Ebm,Gothic,Dark...
COMA Radio
DarK Bites RadioSynthpop,Electro,Electronic,Electro...
DarkrockradioRock,Metal,Alternative,Indie,Hard Rock,Pop,Heavy Metal,Gothic,Alternative...
Deutschrock Lounge
ECHOZONE RadioGothic,Alternative,Rock,Metal,Indie,Electro...
Famous FMPop,Rock,House,Alternative,Electronic,Schlager,Soul,Rap,Electro,Neue...
Fantasy Radio :: Medieval FantasyMittelalter,Rock,Deutsch Folk,Folk,Folk Rock,Mittelalter...
Fastball-Music RadioRock,Metal,Heavy Metal,Hard Rock,Pop,Gothic...
Hit-Radio SensationGothic,Rock,Synthpop,Wave,Alternative,Industrial,Alternative...
Indie and morePop,Indie,Rock,Alternative,Alternative...
KULTRA-FMRock,Indie,Gothic,Post Punk,Alternative,New Wave,Gothic...
Melodic RadioRock,Hard Rock,Metal,Pop,Heavy Metal,Melodic...
MMORPG RadioRock,Mittelalter Folk Comedy...
NarrenwutMittelalter,Rock,Folk,Paganfolk,Mittelalter Rock,Celtic,Mittelalter Folk...
New Alternative RadioRock,Pop,Industrial,Electro,Alternative,Country,Gothic,Ebm,Electronic,Metal...
OldCeltoiRadioRock,Electro,Industrial,Dark Electro...
Radio Dark Dimensions
Radio DarkFireRock,Electro,Alternative,Industrial,Synthpop,Ebm,Gothic,Metal,Pop,Electroni...
Radio DexteraIndustrial,Electro,Ebm,Gothic,Rock,Electronic,Alternative,Dark...
Radio Diabolus Alben Empfehlungen
Radio Golgotha
Radio HaZZard of DarknessRock,Industrial,Metal,Gothic,Electro,Alternative,Ebm,Synthpop,Electronic,Po...
Radio Nachtflug
Radio No RestRock,Metal,Heavy Metal,Gothic,Symphonic Metal,Thrash Metal,Hard...
Radio RedstoneRock,Pop,Alternative,Metal,Gothic,Folk,Alternative...
Radio RegentrudeRock,Pop,Metal,Alternative,Symphonic Metal,Hard...
Radio Sankt Augustin
Radio UnArtIndustrial,Electro,Rock,Ebm,Alternative,Gothic,Electronic,Pop,Synthpop,Meta...
Radio WuhletalCountry,Pop,Schlager,Rock,Folk,Popschlager,Deutscher...
Radio-DiabolusMetal,Rock,Heavy Metal,Death Metal,Hard Rock,Thrash Metal,Power...
Redemption UndergroundIndustrial,Electro,Ebm,Electronic,Rock,Alternative,Gothic,Synthpop,Metal,El...
Rock InsideRock,Metal,Punk,Punkrock,Deutschrock,Punk Rock,Alternative,Heavy...
Shadows Radio
Sound of GothiaRock,Industrial,Gothic,Metal,Electro,Alternative,Ebm,Darkwave,Gothic...
Sound of GothiaRock,Industrial,Gothic,Metal,Electro,Alternative,Ebm,Darkwave,Gothic...
Big Sky Song
Crysella Records
Fastball MusicFastball MusicMetal, Rock, Alternative
I am Surprised Records
Kinetic Records
Kirschbaum & Kemmler GmbH
Mibasound RecordsRock, Pop, Electro, R&b, Rap, Deutsch Pop, Alles Davor, Dazwischen Und Danach. Wir Veröffentlichen Ebenso Hörbücher
Phonotone Music Distribution
Sonic Revolution
Xperiment XIII
Ska-pNingunoSka Punk Ska P Rock
Bob-Media-Shop Musik & Video Produkte
IQ Shooting / IQ Sport
Lensflare Video
UnArt Live-TV
Dark Puppets
Echozone TVComedy, Tv Show, Musikshow
Getränkecenter St. Augustin Inh.Richard Quadt
Steyler Klosterbier